At Greenpark, we want you to feel involved with your child's learning.  We enjoy an open door policy and provide opportunities for parents and families to participate in our programme.

We are guided by the national curriculum, Te Whariki and we embrace the bi-cultural nature of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Greenpark provides an environment that inspires, challenges and supports children to think and wonder about their world.

Teachers are actively engaged with children and able to create valuable learning opportunities by listening and extending children's ideas and understandings. By valuing children's individuality and choices, we aim to foster children's sense of self and confidence as learners.

Greenpark's natural environment is central to our programme which is based on self-discovery, exploration, problem solving, building relationships, and physical activities to build the foundation skills for future learning. 

  • Our school readiness programme focuses on the skills children will require when they start school.  We work with and are guided by local new entrant teachers who visit Greenpark regularly as part of our transition to school programme.
  • Greenpark values children's creativity. We provide opportunities, time and space where children's unique ideas, experiences and perspectives can be explored and extended. We offer a wide range of art activities which enhance motor skills, social, emotional and cognitive development, as well as building self esteem.
  • We support long periods of uninterrupted play to promote problem solving, perseverance, social interactions and a sense of self. 
  • Greenpark is an environmentally friendly centre. We focus on re-cycling and using sustainable materials.
  • Our two year old programme is based on exploration.  Children are encouraged to explore the environment and a variety of sensory experiences at their own pace in their own way.