We believe Greenpark is one of those extremely special places for little children, a rare gem.Greenpark is perfect and we especially love the rural aspect for both our children. We also love the caring and nurturing of animal philosophy and the fabulous outdoor play available within a positive, safe and secure environment.  We believe Greenpark meets all the varying needs of different children in a holistic/loving/caring way - Dyllan and Ashton's Mum

Thank you to Sue and Nick for creating the strong core that makes Greenpark special, and to the teachers for your energy, enthusiasm and 'good hearts' - Joshua's Mum

...you fostered her 'leadership potential' which some may have seen as bossiness, her 'decisiveness'  that could have been seen as stubbornness and let her become the young lady she is today - Cassandra's Mum

...the friends he has made, the countless stories on the way home of the adventures that day, and the skills and experiences taught by the amazing teachers have helped shape Kyree into who he is today - a loving, knowledgeable, confident child who is ready for the next stage of his life as a big school boy! THANK YOU - Kyree's Mum

As a family, we've all enjoyed the trips, the parties, the picnics, the plays, the sculpture exhibit (so...cool) and look forward to so many more with Machrie's little brother, Murdo - Cara, Machrie and Murdo's Mum